Apr 02, 2014 · That’s it, now all your Google search history will be deleted permanently. however Google will still keep on recording your search queries and websites visited, until you turn this feature off. Here’s how you can turn off the Google search history permanently.

How to Turn OFF Web Search History in Windows 10 Cortana? The following tutorial will help you turn off web search history in Windows 10. Steps to Turn OFF Web Search History in Windows 10 Cortana. 1. Open Cortana. In the left panel, you will find the Notebook icon, as shown in the screenshot. 2. The menu opens. Click on Settings. 3. Now scroll down and find out an option called Web Search History Bing - Search History Clear your search history and turn off search suggestions at any time How do I turn off my Google search history? | AnswersDrive

Feb 20, 2015

Apr 02, 2014

Aug 20, 2018 · In order to turn off snapshots from Google apps and services, users need to turn off both Location History and Web & App Activity settings, according to the Associated Press.

Sep 25, 2018 How To Disable Google Search History - YouTube