The FBI is reportedly developing a “Trojan horse” computer tool called Magic Lantern. This program is designed to steal passwords from the computer of a suspected criminal. This would allow

FBI warns about ongoing attacks against software supply The FBI has sent a security alert to the US private sector about an ongoing hacking campaign that's targeting supply chain software providers, ZDNet has learned. a remote access trojan (RAT). The FBI’s Trojan Horse? | American Civil Liberties Union Sep 20, 2013 FBI Trojan (Quick Click Solutions) - Dell Community FBI Trojan (Quick Click Solutions) November 6, 2012. About two weeks ago (October 16, 2012) I was working on my Dell 15 R (Inspiron N5110), purchased in April 2012, when a full screen message popped up. The message claimed to be from the FBI and it included an official looking FBI logo. It FBI "Trojan horse" triggers alarms | New Scientist

FBI Warns of Increase in Banking Trojan Attacks | Decipher

FBI Bitcoin Trojan virus, BSOD, and NTLDR missing Win 10

FBI arrests WannaCry’s ‘accidental hero’ in connection

As expected, the FBI will possibly cut off Internet access to millions of people on March 8, 2012 to help the country get rid of the DNSChanger Trojan. As a note: this does not affect all Internet users in the United States. The DNSChanger Trojan is a worm that changes the infected computer’s DNS (Domain […] Pentagon, FBI, DHS to jointly expose a North Korean Feb 14, 2020