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Alliance - Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica Alliance, in international relations, a formal agreement between two or more states for mutual support in case of war. Contemporary alliances provide for combined action by two or more independent states and are generally defensive in nature, obligating allies to join forces if one or more of them is attacked. Healthcare IT Interoperability Calendar The Object Management Group®, (OMG®), is an international open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium. Founded in 1989, OMG standards are driven by vendors, end-users, academic institutions and government agencies. Interoperability Specifications - SunSpec Alliance

IAI - International Alliance of Interoperability

Visit the COVID-19 Interoperability Alliance or SNOMED International to learn more. Kelly Kuru SNOMED International 1 416 566 8725 Source: SNOMED International Interoperability: What it Means, Why it Matters

Aug 02, 2019

Autodesk and Bentley to Advance AEC Software Interoperability