Nov 09, 2019 · However, you may not get internet access on your laptop or tablet after you connect because some wireless carriers restrict Wi-Fi Hotspot access only to those who pay for the feature. Another way to use your Android as a hotspot is with an Android widget app, such as Elixir 2 , that toggles the Wi-Fi hotspot on or off on your home screen.

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Jan 08, 2020

Yes, you can CONNECT the laptop internet via WiFi without using any USB cable. You just need to set up the SSID to start sharing the internet over your PC. To do this just follow the guide below: Step 1: Just hover over the windows start button and click to open the settings option with a gear icon.

Mar 29, 2019 · If you're using Windows 10, you can turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot with just a few clicks as long as you have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. macOS computers can share their hardwired internet as a Wi-Fi hotspot a well with built-in tools.

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