Kyle Fardy (@kfardy1) reported 9 hours ago. @bt_uk horrible service today guys, 5 hours trying to get through to you regarding my none working wifi, gets to 9pm and it ends the call, wont be paying my bill unless you guys fix your wifi and answer the phone!

BT Wi-fi – Apps on Google Play Download the free BT Wi-fi app to get online automatically at over 5m hotspots in the UK. BT Broadband & BT Mobile customers get FREE and unlimited BT Wi-fi access. To login to the app you will need your BT ID or your primary email address ( or which was sent to you in your order confirmation email. You will only need to login once and the app will automatically How To Fix wifi is not Connecting and Not Working on my Aug 12, 2017 Faq - Fon: The global WiFi network 1. Subscribing to Fon WiFi App: Download the Fon WiFi app for your mobile or tablet, available both in Google Play and Apple Store; Activate your subscription, first week is free; 2. Purchasing a Pass: Choose the Fon signal via the WiFi icon on your system tray and connect; Open your web browser (i.e. Chrome) and a login page will appear.

BT Fon not working - BT Community

Fon (company) - Wikipedia No notification was given by either Fon nor BT (other than BT mentioning beforehand, the SSID "BT WiFi with Fon" would be changing to "BTwifi", but without informing the date of the change not that it would end access). On the day of the change all access points from BT disappeared from the map on the Fon app. The timing was questionable, given ‘BT Wi-Fi with Fon’ told to f**k off and die

‘BT Wi-Fi with Fon’ told to f**k off and die

Xbox connecting to BT Openzone - Microsoft Community Apr 14, 2015 Stop connecting to BT FON at home with the BT Wi-fi for BT’s public WiFi hotspots, formerly called BT Openzone, will eventually be rebranded under the name ‘BT Wi-fi’. BT FON hotspots use the signal from BT Broadband customers Home Hub wireless