Don’t get caught for torrenting. You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your online activity private. It’s a tried and tested way to stay safe when torrenting. VPN routes your Internet traffic through a remote server to hide and replace your real IP address.

Jan 25, 2008 Illegal Downloads: What Are the Penalties? Generally speaking, however, the most likely penalty is going to be a monetary fine for copyright infringement -- if you're caught downloading illegally, that is. Penalties Can Add Up. Don't let out a sigh of relief just yet, though. Just because time in the slammer can usually be avoided for illegally downloading doesn't mean that you won't be Received a Piracy Warning From Your ISP? Here’s What to Do Oct 07, 2018 Is Torrenting Illegal? Is It Safe? Will You Get Caught

what are the chances of you actually getting caught

Things which can happen when you get caught Torrenting. If you get torrenting then it may hit you really hard than purchasing it with original price. Mentioned below are the things which can happen when you can get caught torrenting any copyrighted movie, … Can you get caught torrenting? | Yahoo Answers

Torrenting itself is legal - it’s just simple peer-to-peer file sharing. However, if you’re downloading any copyrighted material, then it is indeed illegal. We advise you to stay out of trouble and opt for legal streaming services.

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