Sep 10, 2015

[SOLVED] localhost is pinging IPV6 instead of ipv4 May 16, 2013 How to ping Windows NetBIOS names in OS X? - Ars Technica Aug 18, 2006 ping netbios names from linux (samba) Mar 23, 2010

Mar 11, 2003

Feb 22, 2003 NetBIOS – Network Encyclopedia

I need NETBIOS of TCP-IP in order to see my QNAP NAS. It had been enabled for a while until recently I needed to do a PC BIOS update and updated drivers. It's a Intel Z270 MB and I am using either the Ethernet NIC or the Atheros Wireless NIC, both have the same problem. Now, no mater what I do I can't seem to re-enabled it.

windows - Resolving NETBIOS names from Linux - Unix C:\>ping susan I've followed this guide (and looked at several other similar ones) for resolving NETBIOS names from my Linux box itself. I installed samba and samba-winbind. I edited this hosts line in /etc/nsswitch.conf from: hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns myhostname to Netbios over TCP/IP issue from recent update? - Windows 10 Mar 28, 2018 NetBIOS: What It Is and How It Works - Lifewire May 01, 2020