Fix: DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names -

Can't connect to the sync service Sep 15, 2019 Fix: DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names - May 01, 2019 DNS points to the right IP, but I can't connect using DNS UPDATE: This is now strictly a local problem, connecting remotely works (a dumb mistake I made.)I think it's now it's a loopback issue, which is a different issue, and likely answered in another post. I can connect remotely to my system using its IP address, the DNS returns the proper IP, but I can't connect via a DNS …

It should be and secondary its own IP. make sure you have configured DNS forwarding correctly on your DNS Server also (this should be forward to external DNS servers such as your ISP or Google Public DNS as an example. What are the DNS server address(s) listed on the client? Can the DC resolve hostnames?

Why I can’t connect PC to the Domain? -

Apr 24, 2017

Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can For instructions on how to configure some programs, see the Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet article. Firefox connection settings. If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server that is having connection problems, you will not be able to load websites. To check your connection settings in Firefox: