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Top 9 Methods to Fix Apple TV Won’t Connect to WiFi Depending on the generation of your Apple TV, this can be done either from Settings -> General -> Network (for 2nd and 3rd generation TVs) or from Settings -> Network (for the 4th generation). Choose the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to and if asked, enter your password. MacBook could not connect with Apple TV, Here's how to fix Jul 03, 2019 How can I use an Apple TV without an internet connection

Jul 03, 2019

Apple TV 4 Won't Connect to internet Via Ethernet, But Jul 22, 2017 [Solved] Apple TV won't connect to wireless network - May May 02, 2012

Nov 21, 2016

Dec 28, 2012 Apple TV Cannot Connect to iTunes Store? Top 7 Solutions Here Check the Internet Connection. In most of the cases, the aforesaid error message can appear as a … Cannot connect to internet via ethernet or wireless