Jun 05, 2018

자신의 TTL값을 보고 싶으면 ping을 실행해보자. 윈도 사용자는 TTL=128을 보여줄 것이다. 리눅스 사용자라면 64. 참고로 보안에 투자를 많이 하는 기업의 경우에는 서버가 사용하는 OS를 유추하지 못하게 기본 TTL값도 바꿔 놓는다고 한다. What is Time To Live (TTL)? - DNS Knowledge Aug 19, 2009 TTL modification to cloak tethered packets - let's make

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Unusual access | DSLReports, ISP Information Forum discussion: Hey, I've been tring to understand the differance between 128 vs 64 on the TTL setting. I'm new to this and many of you say to use 128 why ? Any info would be great ! Thanks Why is message Time To Live only 1? - Wireshark Q&A

How to use Ping.exe to check your Microsoft Broadband

About half of my packets are window size 32768 and TTL = 64, which is what I would expect. I'm on a dedicated VLAN for iSCSI. The other half of my packets are window size 524 and TTL = 1. All these packets come from one host. Like I said, this is a dedicated non-routed VLAN. The customer is experien