Sep 30, 2016

Television licensing in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia In the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies, any household watching or recording live television transmissions as they are being broadcast (terrestrial, satellite, cable, or Internet) is required to hold a television licence.Businesses, hospitals, schools and a range of other organisations are also required to hold television licences to watch and record live TV broadcasts. Licence Apply | Welcome. Visit our FAQs page for answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.. Visit our Pricing page for more information about the price of our services.. Please select the type of service you need from the options below.

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Licenceplus Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of Nearly got done last night thinking that it was the official change of address TV Licence site and escaped because I used the wrong card. Unfortunately they took down my mobile & email address and that does worry me. They also seem to have access to the Licence Numbers when you put in the Licence details. TV Licence Change of Address [Within 3 Minutes]

Being able to change address on your driving licence, is simple and we’ll show you how. When you’re moving home (or changing address) there can be multiple things that you need to change address with the DVLA. Firstly, you will want to change address on your driving licence.

Redirect Your Mail. It’s always a good idea to redirect your mail when you move house. It’s … How to exchange a Northern Irish Driving Licence for an